We are a two-person team creating this project. We're both seniors in high school, and the creation of this film takes place every Friday at our school during our designated project time. 
Rubia has been an ongoing project for 3 years. The original project was a video game, with different team members and a completely different platform. This year we have a new crew, and our final product will be a stop motion film. 
A little bit about our backgrounds:
Monica is the main audio and visual artist for Rubia. She is an avid pianist and has been for 12 years. Her musical background started with taking piano lessons from a family friend and then moved to the Portland Conservatory of Music. She’s performed since she was young and used to compose short pieces of music. She composed the music previously used in Rubia’s video game counterpart. Monica has also been drawing, painting, and filming since she was small. As a result, she has been able to develop adequate skills in editing and design.a
Sophia will be responsible for the majority of the puppet making and costuming.  She has spent the majority of her life crafting toys and other small pieces of art, making this task appropriate to her skills.  She has also made a number of shorter stop motion films with her sister and friends, and has gained experience in taking the photographs needed to make this longer film, such as story boarding, positioning the puppets, and moving the puppets in small enough increments to make them seem lifelike.

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